Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sam and Jose: Our Love Story.

So since it was just Valentine's Day I thought I would share me and Jose's love story. How we met, and became a couple, and all that good stuff.

Well it started off one night in July of 2008. I was laying in bed and got a text from my friend James, who I worked with. He asked if Lee Ann(my best friend at the time) and I wanted to come to a party. Of course! So I got ready and Lee Ann came to get me. We got to his house and no one showed up yet, except of course James, and his friend(Jose hehe) We just hung out and had some laughs and then people started showing up. Around the time we were leaving we asked Jose and James if they wanted to go to the beach with us and a bunch of friends the next day. They said yes. ( I know now that Jose liked me and was only coming to get to know me because he hates the beach).
The next day we all went to the beach and had a really fun time. Jose and I were SORT of flirting, but not really. That night we had another party and we were all having a good time. I, for some reason that I do not remember, went into my friend Eric's room and sat on the bed. Like not even 5 minutes later I hear my friend Lee Ann saying "Go talk to her, go talk to her!" Jose walks into the room and sits next to me. We start talking and all the sudden he kisses me. "RANDOM!" I thought. (No, it did not go any further)
I later went home, and Lee Ann slept over. The whole night I kept saying "Why did he kiss me?" "He is such an aggrasive kisser." "Ew" Little did I know that I really liked him too.
From that point on we saw each other(as a group) almost every day for weeks. We acted like a couple the entire time. We never really talked about what we were though, until one night at our friend Justin's house. He took me outside and asked what was going on between us. I couldn't answer because I really didn't know. That was the end of the conversation.

About a month passes and I was hanging out with him at his house. He said "Okay, what is going on with us?" I still had no answer. He then said "Lets just be boyfriend and girlfriend and stop beating around the bush because we both know it is going to happen eventually" I agreed. We were then boyfriend and girlfriend. We literally were inseperable from that point on. I basically moved in after 2.5 months of dating. There was maybe one night I didn't sleep at his house.

Fast foward to 7 months of us dating. We were laying in bed one night and I knew he wanted to tell me he loved me but was afraid. I don't know how I knew, I just did. So this is how it happened:
Jose: "Do you love me?"
Me: "Yes."
Jose: "I love you too."

And that is where it all began. It will be three years for us on July 27. We have been through a lot together. Hard times, good times, moves, fights, laughs, and most importantly, the birth of our beautiful baby girl.

I Love You, Jose. ♥

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