Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Challenges day 10 & 11..and 2nd BABY SHOWER(Picture heavy)

So I didn't do yesterday's blog challenge so I will do it today along with today's challenge.

Blog challenge 10- Tell a story of a past relationship. I am actually going to do a friendship for this one. It doesn't say specifically it has to be a guy!! lol So anyways I will tell about my ex best friend, Lee Ann. Well we met because we both worked at Ruby Tuesday and instantly we became close. We started hanging out all the time and then we were seriously never apart. We hung out every single day. We were best friends. Then she did something really backstabbing to me. I won't say what she did because it is pretty personal, but it basically ended our friendship. I do miss her though.

Blog Challenge 11- Post a picture of something you dislike.

Green beans. Ew.


I had so much fun. My mom did such a good job! Two showers down, one to go!!!

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