Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review: Hard Candy!

So as we all know, (or if you don't you will learn it now), that Hard Candy products are now available at Walmart. Before they came to Walmart I was dying to try their products, then finally got my hands on some. Hard Candy was nice enough to send me some products. They sent me the folder, a nailpolish, one baked shadow duo, the lipgloss, and the purple mascara. The rest my boyfriend bought me for my birthday.

They sent me a folder(which I forgot to take a picture of) filled with product information. Each had different products on them and on the back it went into detailed information about them and showed all the different colors to choose from. Here are just a few pictures of some of them.

This is a swatch of the Plexi Gloss, which is described as a "ultra wet, high shine lipgloss." Mine is called "posh." It is pretty much what you see below, a light light pink color with pink shimmer. It is not sticky what so ever, and it smells awesome! Plus it lasts quite a long time. This perticular gloss comes in 12 different shades. They cost $5.

Here I am showing you the wand of the "Ginormous volumizing mascara." This one is called "purple haze." This wand has slightly taupered edges so it reaches right down to the root of the lash. They really are pigmented, as you can see the purple on your lashes. This costs $6 which is a great price for a mascara! It also comes in six other colors!

Here is the wand for the "Curl Up & Dye curling mascara." This one is in black. At first I didn't like this mascara too much because I thought it was too liquidy, but after giving it another chance, I really started to like it. Along with curling your lashes, I believe it also gives them great length, even more than the one I showed above! The wand is really big, which I sometimes like and sometimes don't. It makes the application process a lot quicker but also makes it easier for you to get some on the inner corner of your eyes(easily fixed). This mascara has 6 other colors and costs only $6. The packaging is really cute too!

Here we have a "Blush Crush-marbelized baked blush" in "honeymoon." The Blush Crush blushes comes in three other colors. I do really like these blushes. You only need one little swipe for it to appear really pretty on your face! It gives you a really shimmery pretty glow. These blushes cost you $7 which is a great price for the amount of product you get!

This is their nailpolish color in "Mr. Right." Let me tell you, I love this polish. I was so shocked when I applied the first coat and saw how thick it is. The picture below is just one coat of the polish. Awesome, right?! It comes in 15 other colors and costs $5! Oh, and it comes with a pretty ring too!

Next are some baked eyeshadows. These shadows are highly, highly pigmented, and lasts throughout the entire day! I love love love them! I was so impressed. Besides the three duos that I have here, there are 11 other duos and cost only $6! I want to go get them all.
This first one is in "bad reputation.

Next is "ab fab."
and this last one is "secret rendezvous."

I seriously love them!

And the last products, which if you are subscribed to me on youtube, you know I love so much! It is the Sheer Envy face primer, and it works wonders! It leaves your skin super soft and makes your foundation look flawless! This costs only $8, which is a really great price because you only need a tiny bit of primer at a time, so this bottle will last you so long!

*Disclaimer- Four of these products were sent to me by Hard Candy, but the rest were boughten for me by my boyfriend. These were my 100% honest opionions and I am in no way affiliated with this company.*


  1. woah this seems like a GORGEOUS brand. This has seriously made me want to look into this brand. AMAZING!! The colours are so beautiful and the packaging is sooo cute.

  2. So jealous that the US and UK get all the good brands! :P
    The eyeshadows look amazing!

  3. they really are. and they are so cheap. but they are only sold at walmart, which i dont think walmart is wear you live. :(