Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Review: Godforsaken by Leo Anthony

Paperback, 208 Pages
Published by (AuthorHouse) on October 13, 2010
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Summary- In Godforsaken Sophia is the creator of the universe and everything in it. She roamed this planet with nothing except the four elements. Throughout centuries of loneliness, Sophia began creating life to enjoy all the natural splendors; but something unforeseen happened. Among her many creations, SOphia was overcome by a strange feeling, it was love. Sophia ended up falling for one man she could not control. Despite their opposing natures, Sophia and Lucifer gave their love a try.
As time went on, Sophia grew distant, but not by choice. She had an obligation to preserve humanity, after the success of latest creation, humans. Lucifer grew weary of humans, feeling jealous of the attention they were receiving. In a desperate act of love, Lucifer killed the first humans Sophia created, and the result was contrary to what he had hoped. Sophia left him, bringing on the ice age through the coldness of her heart.
As time went by Sophia traveled the Earth protecting her creations from her devious ex, avoiding all possible contact with him. One day Sophia unexpectedly bumps into Lucifer, and the reunion brought up a mixture of feelings. Though she was able to suppress her love all these years, the lack of his presence made it easy; but seeing him again left her in emotional turmoil. She was left with a crucial decision should she give the man she loves a second chance. Could the world survive without a god, or can someone survive without love? Her decision wold have tremedous repercussions; we'll get to see what happens when god puts herself before everyone else.

My Review- This was a fun, fast read. I do not have a ton to say about it, other then that, a fun, fast read. I do love the cover though!

Stars- 4/5

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