Thursday, April 7, 2011

US Government Shutting Down?!?!!

Has anyone else heard about this issue? Apparently the democrats and republicans can't come to an agreement on some things and if they can't by tomorrow (Friday), the US Governement will be shutdown at Midnight tomorrow, until everything is resolved. Meaning everyone who works for the governement will be out of a job, and the army will be at war for free, pretty much. The world is seriously ending. Uhmm??? Does anyone know any more about this???


  1. I don't know everything about this, but my husband works for the federal government. It is true that if they cannot resovle the budget issue and there is not an extention- then everyone who works for the government will not work until it all gets worked out, with the exception of anyone involved with Homeland Security. They have to work no matter what - paid or unpaid. The government will pay them back though once the budget is settled. It's pretty scarey. Most people can't survive without getting paid regularly. It's a shame, but it has happened before. I think the last time was in 1995.

  2. I only know about it via Facebook, yeah that's pretty depressing on my part. I see people who I know who are either in the military or married into it, and it is really scary on their part. I don't think people outside of deciders should be affected because some can't come to an agreement. One of the people I'm friends with on facebook, I went to high school with her husband, she keeps talking about how this is affecting their little family. They have a daughter less then a year old and it's not fair for her not to have food because of this, her father was overseas when she was born to come home to this? it is utterly ridclous.