Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Review: Ruby Tuesyday by Jennifer Anne Kogler

Hardcover, 320 Pages
Published by (HarperTeen) on
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Summary: Plenty of girls have trouble relating to their parents. Few have to turn to a dictionary for help. Ruby Tuesday Sweet keeps a battered Webster's by her side- but when her dad tunes in to eight baseball games at a time on his wall of TVs, his talk of parlays and chalks and spreads keeps Ruby mystified.
Then the Dodger's win the World Serie's, Ruby Tuesday's dad wins a bet, and his bookie is murdered. Ruby finds herself on the run to Las Vegas with her long last rock-n-roll mom in a race against the thugs who wants Mr. Sweet's winning ticket.
A rare breakthrough novel, Ruby Tuesday is the story of a gambling father, a card-shark grandmother and a family of women inhabiting a Vegas casino. At the center of it all is a girl who never noticed they were different.

My Review:  This book was alright, nothing TOO special. It was interesting and you could actually learn some things from this book, but it was not highly interesting. The characters are very well described and have a lot of personality, which I liked a lot about it, because sometimes characters are such a mystery. I really do like how much went on in this book. It was very fast paced in my opinion, but at some point through out the book, only a few days go by, but it is described as if a few weeks went by so that part was a little bit confusing to me.

Stars: 3/5

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