Friday, February 4, 2011

Books Books Books!

Do you like reading? I love reading!! I thought I would share some books I want to read. I have the longest reading list, ever. I wont post every book because you would get way too bored, haha. What books do you want to read or have read and love?

My Sweet Audrina-V.C Andrews
The Doctor's Wife-Elizabeth Brundage
Letter to my Daughter-George Bishop
A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains-Isabella L. Bird
What I saw and how I lied-Judy Blundell
April and Olvier-Tess Callahan
The Musician's Daughter Susanne Emily Dunlap
Strangeland-Tracy Emin
A Widow's Walk-Marian Fontana
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang-Chelsea Handler
14,000 things to be happy about-Revised and updated edition-Barbara Ann Kipfer
Jumping off Swings- Jo Knowles
A Mother Accused-Andrea D. Lyon
Semiprecious-D. Anne Love
Bluegrass-William Van Meter
Breath my Name-R.A Nelson
The Book of Luke-Jennifer O'Connel
Beautiful Boy-David Sheff
The Vanished Child-Sarah Smith
Little Earthquakes-Jennifer Weiners
The Replacement-Brenna Yovanoff


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