Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Jackie Lynn

Hardcover, 256 Pages
Published by (St. Martin's Minotaur) on June 24, 2008
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Summary: When her husband left her for a younger woman, Rose Franklin bought a camper and started traveling. Eventually, she put down roots in Shady Grove, a campsite along the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas, where she has lived for almost two years now.

After helping to solve two murders in the area, Rose is now entangled in the murder of a young man from South Dakota—a murder which Chariot, a young woman at the Shady Grove campground, stands accused. As Rose tries to help her friend Chariot out from under the shadow of suspicion and solve the murder, she also struggles with unresolved maternal instincts, and her own difficult choices.

A spiritual and riveting follow-up to Jacob’s Ladder, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot is ultimately a story about redemption, and the chariots that carry each of us from hardship and darkness, to understanding.

My Review: Fun paced murder mystery! Really keeps you wanting more. It was a fun easy read, really enjoyed this book.

Stars:  4/5

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  1. that book sounds soo good! I cant wait to read more of your book reviews. I forgot to get back to you that I do have a facebook, you have one?