Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once again....

So once again I skipped yesterday's blog challenge, haha. I was super busy all day moving. I didn't leave my house, I just moved downstairs into a little apartment attached to our house, with my boyfriend. My brother was down here before but we switched since I will have the baby and need more space. Anyways, I am super excited because on Saturday my boyfriend and I are going to the park with my mom to finally take our pregnancy pictures. I hope they come out nice! Anyways...on to the challenges.

Challenge Day 18 is to tell about plans/dreams/goals you have.
Here are mine:
1. Finish school.
2. Get back into scrapbooking.
3. Make a happy, good life for my baby girl.
4. Start working again in the next year.
5. Get married eventually and have a pretty house with my family.

Challenge Day 19 is to list my nickname and explain why I have them.
1. Sam/ Sammy- Obvious reasons.
2. Smay- My best friend Caitlyn came up with this. Shortened version of Sammy.
3. Wilma- I really couldn't even tell you how this got started. My step dad and his brothers all call me this. IDK WHY! lol
4. Samajama- My aunt has called me this since I can remember.
5. Babe- It's what my boyfriend calls me.
6. Sam Bones- My mom calls me this because I have always been so skinny!

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