Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Challenges 6,7 and 8.

I have been super busy visiting with my sister who came in from Florida and with my baby shower that I didn't get to the next few blog challenges, so I will do them now.

Blog Challenge 6 is name a hobby you have. One of my favorite things to do is scrapbook and take pictures. I love it so much!!!

Blog Challenge 7 is post a picture of something/someone who has had the biggest impact on you. So easy. My mom.

Blog Challenge 8 is short term goals for this month and why. That would be stay healthy for the rest of my pregnancy, and set up everything for when my baby girl arrives!! :)

**Also, my mom did an awesome job planning my baby shower!! It came out AWESOME** I will post pictures as soon as I have some free time. I can't believe I still have another shower to go. My boyfriend's mom is having one of October 9th with all of his family and friends. I am over loaded with stuff!! But I love it :) **

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