Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skin Care

What facial cleanser are you using ATM?:
Lily Organics sensitive facial cleanser.
What toner doare you using ATM?:
Lily Organics Scensitive Facial Toner
What moisturizer are you using ATM?:
A bunch of different ones.
How many times a day do you wash your face?:
Once or twice.
Do you use eye makeup remover?:
If so, What kind?:
Right now- Andrea Eye Q's Makeup remover gel.
Is your skin oily, dry, or combination skin?:
mostly dry to normal.
What is the best part about your skin?:
not a lot!
What are your skin problems?:
Well I am pregnant so right now, breaking out.


What foundation do you use?:
I don't use foundation in the summer.
What powder do you use?:
Right now my favorite is by smart cover.
What eyebrow pencil do you use:
I don't fill in my eyebrows.
What eyeliner do you use?:
Right now I am loving my Pixi gel liner.
What is your favorite eyeshadow?:
I don't have a favorite.
What mascara do you use?:
Right now- Maybelinee Lash stilleto
What are five of your favorite lip bams/glosses/sticks?:
1. Myth-MAC
2.Jett- Rain Cosmetics
3.Boston(lipgloss)- ELF
4.Champagne- Beseme
5.Runaway Pink-ELF


Do you color your hair?:
At home?:
At the salon?:
What is your stylists name?:
What salon do you go to?:
What is your natural hair color?:
Brown with blonde streaks.
What is your hair color now?:
Do you have straight or curly hair?:
Wavy. I hate it!
Do you use a curling iron?:
Rarely. I want a new one.
A straightener?:
What kinds?:
Some drugstore kind, but I'm waiting for my new one to come in the mail! :)
Do you use a blowdryer?:
Do you use gel and if so, what kind?:
All different kinds, but my favorite is herbal essence.
Do you use mousse, and if so, what kind?:
Same as above.
Do you use serum and if so what kind?:
Neil George hair treatment.
Do you use any other hair products and what kinds?:
Tresemme Heat Tamer, Neil George hairspray.
What shampoo do you use?:
I switch off a lot.
What conditioner do you use?:
Do you use leave in conditioner?:


What deodorant do you use?:
What body wash do you use?:
Right now I am using Coco cabana.
Or soap?:
Do you use a loofah, washcloth or soap to wash?:
Soap or loofah.
What perfumes do you use or like? Name five:
Danielle Steel, Moonlight path by BBW, Mariah Carey, Fantasy, Coconut lime verbena by BBW
Do you always have to smell good?:


Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?:
I'm a fan.
What is your jewelry essential?:
What jewelry do you wear most?:
What jewelry do you crave most?:
Rings. lol

Purses and Shoes

How many purses do you own?:
A ton. I'm not counting.
Which is your favorite?:
I'm not sure.
How many shoes do you own?:
Quite a few.
Which pair is your favorite?:
Who is your favorite handbag designer?:
I dont really care.
Who is your favorite shoe designer?:


What are your top five favorite stores to clothes shop?:
Charlotte Russe, Wetseal, Forever 21, H&M, Urban behavior
What is your personal style mantra?:
How would you describe your personal style?:
idk, just whatever I like.
What is your favorite shirt?:
I dont have one.
What is your favorite jeans?:

This or that: Designers

Manolos or Jimmy Choos?:
Jimmy Choos
Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel?:
Micheal Kors or Bebe?:
Louis Vuitton or Coach?:
Gucci or Prada?:


Favorite Magazine to read?:
Favorite nail polish?:
Sinful Colors.
Favorite Book?:
I couldnt decide.
Favorite Band?:
Not sure.
Favorite Girls Night activity?:
Dinner, moviesss
Favorite Girly Movie?:
Are you high maintenence?:
Do you enjoy being a girl?:
most of the time.

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