Thursday, January 14, 2010

Request:Nail polish collection.

Hey loves! So this was a request from one of my subscribers on youtube. I made a video just showing the bottles really quick and I thought this might be a better way for you to actually see the colors on the nail. I hope this helps you if you are looking for a certain color but just don't know what to buy. There is a lot but I hope you enjoy! Please don't mind the messy polish application. I was just showing you the color, not how well I can paint my nails,hehe.
This one has no name but it is similar to Yves Rocher Aubergine- Divine.
This one is also no name but it is similiar to Zoya's Ariel.
Last no name, but it is similiar to OPI's Lighten Up Too Pence.
Amalfi Melon- Borghese(Two coats)
Violet Water-Maybelline Express Finish(Two coats)
White Gold Chrome-Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup (One coat)
Peek-a-blue-Sally Hansen hard as nails(Two coats)

Deep purple-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear.(One coat)

Cappuccino Mocha-Borghese(Two coats)
Parisian Pink-Cover Girl Continuous Color(Two coats)

Fire Coral-ELF(One coat)
Midnight Blue-Sinful Colors(One coat)
Champagne-ELF(Two coats)

Sunset-ELF(Two coats)
Time Square Tangerine Creme-NYC(Two coats)

Sonata Berry-Borghese(One coat)

Cheatin-Pure Ice(Two coats)

Purple Power-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails(Two coats)
Ruby Diamond-Sally Hansen(One coat)
French Mint-Avon(Two coats)

Luscious Lemon-Townley Cosmetics(Three coats)

Strawberry Electric-Revlon(Two coats)
Espresso Brown-Borghese(Three coats)
Bubble Gum Pink-ELF(Two coats)
Fealess Fuchsia-Sally Hansen Maximum Growth(One coat)
Neon Pink-The icing(One coat)

Pink Pixie-Maybelline Express Finish(Two coats)
Envy-Naturistics(Three coats)
Star Ruby-Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup(One coat)
Permanent Blush-Maybelline Forever Strong(Two coats)
Vikini Green-Santee(Two coats)
Dreamy-Pure Ice(Three coats)

Fuchsia-ELF(Two coats)

Brown(looks more red then brown)-Charlotte Russe(Two coats)
Pale Green-Charlotte Russe(Three coats)

Grey-Charlotte Russe(Three coats)
Vikini Orange-Santee(Two coats)

Persuasion-Pro10 Nailcare(Two coats)

You are my sunshine-Claires(Four coats)

Frosted Ice-Pure Ice(One coat)

Ruby to Copper-Maybelline Ultimate Wear(Two coats)
Peony-Pure Ice(One coat)

No name but it is #460C-Wet N Wild(One Coat)

White on White-Revlon(Two coats)

Escapades-Essie(One coat)

Taupe Drawer-Pure Ice(Two coats)

Copper- L.A Colors(Two coats)

Pink Flirt-Naturistics(Two coats)

Patent Leather-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails(One coat)

Shirley and Buddy-Sinful Colors(Two coats)

Gold Bright-Santee(Two coats)

*Disclaimer-All products shown here were purchased by me, except for the Borghese polishes. Those were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid to do this blog post and I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies.

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