Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Looking for a good eyeshadow base?

Dream Mousse Shadows are a great base product! I have many different colors and use them more often then not as my base! They do not crease and have a great lasting power. I got all of mine from The Dollar Tree(and a few from a friend on youtube, which she also got at The Dollar Tree), but they are also available at most drugstores.

The packaging is really nice. It is a glass container and the cap screws on really nicely. You can also reuse the container when you run out of shadow because the sticker on top will come off nicely if you want it to.
Here are the swatches for you. Starting from the left-(the first one is actually a blush so just ignore that one.)
Soft Plum, Silver Halo,Rose Kiss, Turquoise Breeze, Blue Heaven, Suede Sensation, and Lilac Cloud.

*Disclaimer- All of the mousse shadows(and blush) were paid for with my own money, except for two which were sent to me from a fellow youtuber.


  1. WOW you have so many, these are such gorgeous colours!!
    I especially love the shadows. This seems like a great collection.

  2. Yeah I really like them alot! I want to get them in every color. Do you have these wear you live?